14 décembre 2018 — Conférence de J.R. Carpenter

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Séminaire “Esthétique(s) de l’éphémère”

Conférence de J.R. Carpenter
“A Digital Poetic Approach to Performing Archival Research”

Vendredi 14 décembre 2018
15h30-17h30 – salle D143 (bâtiment D, 1er étage)

Organisé par Brigitte FÉLIX et Gwen LE COR (EA1569, TransCrit).

J. R. Carpenter will speak about her work with archives and archival materials in An Ocean of Static, The Gathering Cloud, This is a Picture of Wind, and a new work in progress commissioned by Arnaud Regnauld and Pierre Cassou-Noguès for the research project « Mondes, interfaces et environnements à l’ère du numérique » (supported by Labex Arts H2H/EUR ArTeC) in partnership with the Archives Nationales.

J. R. Carpenter is a Canadian-born UK-based artist, writer, performer, researcher, and maker of maps, zines, books, poetry, short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, and non-linear, intertextual, hypermedia, and computer-generated narratives. Her pioneering works of digital literature have been exhibited, published, performed, and presented in journals, galleries, museums, and festivals around the world. She is a winner of the CBC Quebec Writing Competition (2003 & 2005), the QWF Carte Blanche Quebec Award (2008), the Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book (2008), the Dot Award for Digital Literature (2015), and the New Media Writing Prize (2016). http://luckysoap.com