Summer School

Corpus Methods and Qualitative Data in Linguistics and the Social Sciences
Université Paris 8
5-9 June, 2023

Paris 8 University is pleased to announce the 5th Summer Intensive Program in corpora and staistics.
This will be a 30h week-long course consisting of :

—morning sessions devoted to data collection, extraction and organization, as well as DIY corpus building

— afternoon sessions focusing on statistical analysis of the data produced during the morning sessions

Participants will learn how to :

— formulate advanced search queries in a concordancer (e.g. TextSTAT, AntConc)

— compile a text corpus with BootCaT

— automatically annotate a text corpus in TreeTagger

— manually annotate a text corpus in UAM CorpusTool

— measure keyword specificity and collocation strength using AntConc

— perform statistical analyses in R

This program is intended primarily for researchers and upper-level students (Masters or Doctorate). Tuition will be 90€, or 60€ (reduced rate) for students and personnel from Paris 8. 

Places in the courses are limited and so, unfortunately, we cannot promise that all applicants will be able to participate.

If you should like to participate, or request further information, please send an email to the organizers indicating name, status (e.g. Doctoral student, Post-doctoral researcher, Faculty) and 5 keywords describing your research interests using using this link.

For more information write to Daniel daniel.henkel [at] or Dylan dsg.up8 [at]