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Gioia Franchi is a PhD student of Linguistics at the University of Paris 8 (ED31 Pratiques et Théories du Sens) and Linguistic Project Manager at Reverso, where she ensures quality control for multilingual databases. After her undergraduate degree in Applied Linguistics at Trieste (Italy), she earned a Master’s Degree in Russian Language and Culture at St. Peterburg State University and in Translation at Paris 8. Her research focuses on collocations in corpora of translations between English, French, Italian and Russian.

This research deals with expressions and collocation in a cross-cultural perspective within different languages, i.e. Italian, French, English and Russian, which I have been passionate about since childhood. This love for cultures and different languages has guided me professionally in translation and localization projects, and is a source of inspiration for poetic and literary translations, as well as cultural reportage and photo-reportage – respecting and acquiring the most from art, music and meditation in order to discover the richness of cultures.

Publications and Communications :

  • "La madre : la Storia in un romanzo. Un inno ai giovani e alla ricerca della Verità" in Studi e ricerche di storia contemporanea n° 83/84 (June 2015)
  • "The lingual-socio-cultural potential of lexical units of the thematic group "Dacha" in the modern Russian language (on the background of Italian, French and English languages)", Sbornik nauchnyh trudov, Saint-Petersburg Mining University (October 2017)
  • Seminaire de Traduction CREATIC - with the participation of Université de Paris 8/ Università di Firenze/ University of California - Berkeley hosted in Florence 2-10/06/2019 at the Villa Finaly.
  • Attending next September UCCTS Conference 09-11/09/2021 Bertinoro (IT)
  • (postponed to 2022) “Seminar Translation of Poetry : Interdisciplinary Perspectives, France -Berkeley Fund”, University of Berkeley, California