Zeineb Ayachi’s research in English applied linguistics focuses on Psycholinguistics, in particular the way in which learners perceive language learning. It is in this perspective that her doctoral thesis entitled : "The main sources of language-skills-specific anxiety in Tunisian ESP Students" fueled research on other aspects.

Combining teaching and research, Zeineb is interested in different areas of research, in particular Skills’ assessment and learning strategies. Zeineb is passionate about multidisciplinary research. This research component is the result of a collaboration between two disciplines looking distant but complementary, though. In this regard, Zeineb in collaboration with a Marketing researcher, worked on an article entitled : Virtual communities and wellbeing ; a systematic literature review. This work has highlighted several axes of research which could bring together several researchers from various disciplines.

The changing socio-educational environment requires teachers and researchers from all disciplines to think together in order to address emerging trends in contemporary society. It is in this context that applied linguistics appears as a converging element combining Hard Sciences and Human Sciences.