Kalthoum Ben Ahmed is a PhD candidate at the University of Paris 8, a
French and English teacher and a Training Engineer as well. She has worked
as an English teacher in primary and high schools and done various
internships in different countries. Her master’s research experience at the
University of Montpellier when preparing a Memoire, entitled “Code
switching in Educational settings”, developed in her a passion for
scientific research, hence her enrolment in the TransCrit research unit
at University Paris 8. Currently, she is working on a PhD thesis
entitled "The role of ICT in the teaching of Scientific English : The
use of computer-mediated communication, the Internet, and visualization
devices in the interactive phase of English language teaching for
computer engineers in France" under the supervision of professor Gwen LE
COR. The aim of the research is to tackle the role of ICT in the
teaching of Scientific English.