16 et 17 mai 2024 : Communicating in and about Sports



Communicating in and about Sports

May 16-17 2024, Paris 8 University, France


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We are delighted to announce "Communicating in and about Sports," a two-day symposium to be held on May 16-17, 2024 in Paris 8 University, France, in anticipation of the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Conference venues :

May 16, 2024 Musée d’art et d’histoire Paul Eluard

May 17, 2024 Maison de la Recherche, Université Paris 8


The conference is sponsored by ERUA (European Reform University Alliance), Université Paris 8 and the TransCrit Research Lab.


Organizing committee : 

Gwen Le Cor (glecor@univ-paris8.fr)

Marie-Pierre Jouannaud (marie-pierre.jouannaud@univ-paris8.fr)

Margaux Coutherut (margaux.coutherut@univ-paris8.fr)


Important dates :

Submissions : Please send your abstracts in English or in French (200 to 250 words), along with a title and brief author biography by February 15th 2024

Registration deadline : May 10, 2024

The conference is open to all, and there are no conference fees. Participants are encouraged to register by sending a message to the organizers.