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Publications and Communications :

  • "La madre : la Storia in un romanzo. Un inno ai giovani e alla ricerca della Verità" in Studi e ricerche di storia contemporanea n° 83/84 (June 2015)
  • "The lingual-socio-cultural potential of lexical units of the thematic group "Dacha" in the modern Russian language (on the background of Italian, French and English languages)", Sbornik nauchnyh trudov, Saint-Petersburg Mining University (October 2017)
  • Seminaire de Traduction CREATIC - with the participation of Université de Paris 8/ Università di Firenze/ University of California - Berkeley hosted in Florence 2-10/06/2019 at the Villa Finaly.
  • Attending next September UCCTS Conference 09-11/09/2021 Bertinoro (IT)
  • (postponed to 2022) “Seminar Translation of Poetry : Interdisciplinary Perspectives, France -Berkeley Fund”, University of Berkeley, California