Séminaire - How do speakers make meaning ? (15 mars 2022)

Cette séance sera présentée par Benoît Leclercq et se tiendra le 15 mars 2022 de 12h00-14h00 en salle MR 107.
Résumé :
The aim of this talk is twofold. First, I will introduce the underlying questions that stimulate my research. Second, I hope to spark discussion on issues that I fear may still lack convincing answers. The bulk of my work is to understand how speakers manage to make meaning. The idea that verbal interaction rests on both the appropriate use of linguistic conventions and contextual pragmatic processes is now accepted as general truth in linguistic theory. The challenge is mainly to pin down the degree to which each of these factors is responsible for the success of communication. This requires spelling out a clear view on the semantics-pragmatics interface and to pin down the exact contribution that different linguistic signs make to the interpretation process. This presentation provides a theoretical discussion of these questions ; English modals will be used as testground for some of the hypotheses put forward.
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